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  1. Lizzie,
    You sent me a message but the yahoo mail address won't accept a reply, hence the reply here.

    It's certainly not a secret what grease I use. I use two different greases:

    For metal gears like in the 411 I use a general purpose lithium based grease
    For plastic gears and on the fibre gear in the 411 I use Finish Line ceramic grease.

    The ceramic product I use partly because I ride bikes and use the same product for bikes and sewing machines - and partly because it's composed of synthetic oils, which I thought may be less likely to attack plastic. I have no evidence for that though.

    I'm in two minds about whether to grease plastic gears at all. My rule of thumb is to use no grease where the gear looks dry and remove all old grease and replace with ceramic where the gear has been greased before.

    Hope this helps. Good luck with your 411. It's a great machine for sure. I came across your blog a while back. There's a lot more there than when I last looked!

    1. Thank you Dan - that's a great help! Mind you amongst all my reading about lubricants I have read some people say one should not use a lithium based grease! I think because it can harden. I had been investigating bike greases and oils, guessing that they might be the nearest thing to Tri-flow that I'd get, and someone in a forum even mentioned Finishline Ceramic oil (which we have in our garage!) so I thought, ah I think that's the way to go, and I went ahead and ordered the Finishline teflon grease (I decided against the ceramic one just due to price really).

      Just as I am learning how to look after sewing machines, I'm also learning how to look after my bike....fortunately my husband is very good on that score too!

      I have just acquired a 201 treadle as well....

      Many thanks once again!

    2. Oh by the way, I must have given you my old yahoo address. I've just changed it and haven't got used to it yet.