Monday, October 24

Coffeeneuring #2, and a new light for my bike.

I thought to myself the other day -

"What this bike some lights."

So, today, I got one, a very stylish back one (will look out for an equally stylish front one)  in my favourite charity shop, for a mere £2. Here's a pic of it in the rear pannier - a temporary measure of course. I think it needs fixing properly, by its nice wooden base, maybe to the rear rack.

Nice light eh? Bet you didn't know Ikea did bike lights. Only one problem - I can't find a socket on the bike to plug it in to.

Anyway, back to the Coffeeneuring 2016 challenge. Today it was tea actually. I'm very English and have coffee in the morning, and tea in the afternoon, unless I go out for an evening meal in which case I have to have coffee afterwards, preferable with something chocolatey.

The venue was Waitrose in Wantage, where of course the tea was free. This is the front of the shop and that's my blue Trek on the left. Proof that I cycled this time!

This is round the back of the shop where I sat - with my lamp!

Today I thought - what with all this stuff about drinks cups not being recyclable, I thought I'd take my lovely very-suitable-for-carrying-on-a-bike enamel cup with me (present from one of daughters) and use that. The lady in front of me had one of those re-usable cups that you can buy, but I haven't got one and couldn't see any reason not to just take any old mug and use that. However, I did not get the proper amount of tea so maybe the machine is so clever that it can detect a non-Waitrose approved vessel. Hmmmmm..... Still, it was hot and free, and I enjoyed it with a chocolate chip digestive - also taken with me! Coffeeneuring #3 might actually involve money!

A round trip of about 9 1/2 miles. Better than driving any day!