Replacing zip in lightweight cycling jacket2015

Bike ride into Cotswolds

Wool jumper converted to cycling top

Aldi cycle clothing review


Altering my Not Your Daughter's Jeans, and cycling in them

Punctures and Pictures

Bike maintenance workshop and stuff I've been upcycling/sewing

House move, Day 1 of bike tour and Festival of Quilts, August 2016

Day 2 of bike tour, Aug. 2016

Day 3, To the Festival of Quilts

Day 4: Can I do 65 miles home or will it be the call of shame....

Coffeeneuring Challenge 2016 #1

Coffeeneuring #2, and a new light for my bike.

Coffeeneuring 2016 #4

Coffeeneuring #6

Coffeeneuring #7 - at White Horse Hill

26th November 2016 - Have just passed 1000 miles cycled this year. It's nothing compared to some people e.g. Brenda of Cycling in the Sixth Decade here, but it's more than last year and hopefully it will more again next year.

Total came to 1081.


Winter cycling - a bit late!

Oxford Bike Works step through touring bike

Wiltshire/Hampshire mini bike tour

My best cycling trousers - from the one pound rail in a charity shop

My new bike, a Koga Traveller, mixte version

The 50p cycling trousers

An overnight bike trip to the Vale of Pewsey, and a rant on fancy basins.

Day Two - Pewsey to home.

Coffeeneuring trip # 3, a ride to Bishopstone in Wiltshire

A bike ride on a cold day, and Coffeeneuring (or rather Teaneuring) #6

To the Thames again, for the last Coffeeneuring trip, #7

I'm not one for thinking mileage is that important, but just out of interest - miles this year, approximately 1450, up on last year.


A weather report from Oxfordshire.........definitely no cycling....

Breaking in a Brooks B67 saddle

A bike ride to Frome, where I get hot and lost. Episode One of Two.

A bike ride to Frome, where I get hot and lost. Part One (!!) of Episode Two.

An ambulatory day in Frome, then to Pewsey and home. Part Two of Episode Two.

Wellgo LU987B pedals, and update on the Brooks B67 saddle

Thoughts on "Bike Nation", by Peter Walker

A bit of foraging and preserving, and Coffeeneuring 2018

Another cyling UK group ride, and identifying the Stylish Bicycling Lady

Miles cycled in 2018 - 1583. Up on previous year again.


Replacing zip in lightweight cycling jacket

Tensioning my Brooks B67 saddle following severe discomfort!


  1. are you listing your cycling miles too?

    1. Well I hadn't intended to, but now you mention it I might. Mind you I don't anything like the miles that you do!


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