Sunday, September 27

This "feed" lark........

Just a very short post.And no, this isn't about food or feeding someone, but about that other sort of computery bloggy sort of feed, often preceded by the initials RSS. The reason for this post is not to explain what "feed" is (I can't!!) but to say that I knew my "follow by email" gadget wasn't working. 

As a result I spent ages delving deep into the depths of the internet/the computer/my blog settings/my brain trying to work out why it wasn't. I had windows open all across the screen, flitting from one to the other, trying to sort it out and get it to work. And I have! I tested it out by subscribing to my own blog - which means that now I will know when I have published a new post because I will get an email to tell me so!! 

So if you are one of the hundreds er well ok one or two oh all right then ONE (if I read my feedburner stats correctly!) who had signed up to follow me by email, then hopefully you will now get those emails! 

I still have to sort out adding (and making sure it works) an "RSS feed" gadget (which I understand is important. Is it.........?). 

As my son-in-law would say, "Happy days!"

Off to get the tea now.