Thursday, February 28

What the second granddaughter got for her birthday.....

Following on from this house money box that Husband made for our elder granddaughter for her birthday, 

 he then made this doll's bed for the younger one -

I made a set of bedding to go with it. This is the mattress -

The feather pillow was made from an old cushion, and the pillow case from a vintage unworn beautiful cotton shirt, and a scrap of blue I got from somewhere -

The sheet, made from an old one of ours, gave me the opportunity to practise mitred corners (not quite perfect but I'm getting there!) -

And last of all this quilt, which has a bit of a story: When I was about 20 and living in my attic flat in Bristol (very nice it was too) I made 6 panels of patchwork, using scraps leftover mostly from things I had made, but also some from things my sister or my mum had made. I had a couple of these panels that I had never made into anything (other panels I did but have since unmade them so they need remaking into something else now!). This little quilt is made from one of those panels. There are pieces of the first blouse I ever made, at 15, and three dresses made in my twenties. The backing is a piece left over from a recent dress.

We have another grandchild due in the spring so now I'd better start planning what I'm going to make for it!