Friday, March 23

Singer Capri 141 sewing machine

I know I know, sometimes blog posts are like buses - you don't see one for ages and then six come along at once. Well, in this case, two....

The owner of this machine had had a problem with the tension and so had bought a new one. I picked it up last week and thought - hmmmmmm, Singer Capri, never heard of that. I seem to attract sewing machines which are a bit unusual and about which there is not much information on the internet! I found a few clues in the Yahoo Vintage Singer group, but now annoyingly can't find that information again as the search engine bit isn't working properly. Usually if I search the internet for a machine, it will come up with several for sale, which it did, and at least one that someone mentions in a blog, which it didn't. That's partly why I decided to do a blog post on it, rather than just advertising it for sale. Someone else might be searching for a Singer Capri 141 at this very moment! I found photos of this and other Capri models on, whence I also obtained a manual. No matter how simple a machine is, I don't feel it's complete until I've got the manual to go with it!

It is definitely made by Singer, and in Great Britain, but apart from that all I have managed to find out about this Capri range, is that they were probably made by Singer for the European market. I've no idea why that should mean that there is no information on them on the internet, as surely there must be someone in that big place called "abroad" who is still using one! The name "Merritt" on the foot controller is also a clue to it being different, Merritt being the middle name of Isaac Singer, but that's another tangent I need to go off at another time!

I think it's 1960s or 1970s, and it's a good solid machine with a mainly metal body. It is not quite all metal inside but is in excellent condition. It's a lovely machine and works well! There was actually nothing wrong with the tension; it was probably just a simple case of user error causing the problem. The machine is in fantastic condition, having no scratches or other marks that I can see. I don't think it can have been used much. The lady who gave it to me said it had belonged to her mother-in-law. The only thing wrong with it was that the clutch wheel wouldn't release to stop the needlebar going up and down when winding the bobbin. I tried and tried, and was then going to leave it overnight with some oil hopefully seeping in to the right places, but then Husband had a go and Bob was your uncle - released!

I gave the body of the machine a good clean (and the case), not that it was very dirty at all, removed all fluff from the bobbin area, oiled it, put a new needle in and tested it out. Everything works perfectly and it sews a lovely stitch. It does just straight stitch and zig-zag, and has reverse - simples! I also love the sound of it, which is something of a thing of mine - the sound that different sewing machines make.

Here it is -

With side extension plate

It sewed through several layers of cotton with ease

That all important instruction manual!

I think this might just be my favourite style of foot controller, regarding ease of control, even better than the clam style one I use on my Singer 201.

Foot controller
There are no extra feet with it, just the one for straight stitch and zig-zag, but extra feet are easily obtainable.

So, if you're interested or know someone who might be, I am selling it for £25.