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Bike ride into Cotswolds

Wool jumper converted to cycling top

Aldi cycle clothing review

Altering my Not Your Daughter's Jeans, and cycling in them

Punctures and Pictures

Bike maintenance workshop and stuff I've been upcycling/sewing

1000 miles in 2016 walking challenge (joining in with Ilona at Life After Money here)

January - 89 walking miles                             Bike miles  11.....
February - 86 walking miles   Total 175         Bike miles  25       Total 36
March - 72 walking miles       Total 247         Bike miles   53      Total 89
April - 42 walking                    Total 289        Bike miles  101     Total 190

I don't think I'll make the 1000 miles. For various reasons I gave up. I will update the cycling miles soon.

19th November, 2016 - Apologies for this page not being updated - I will do it soon.

26th November 2016 - Have just passed 1000 miles cycled this year. It's nothing compared to some people e.g. Brenda of Cycling in the Sixth Decade here, but it's more than last year and hopefully it will more again next year.


  1. are you listing your cycling miles too?

    1. Well I hadn't intended to, but now you mention it I might. Mind you I don't anything like the miles that you do!


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