Sunday, November 20

Coffeeneuring #7 - at White Horse Hill

Today's was another Coffee without Walls trip. It almost felt like cheating to squeeze 5, 6 and 7 in on the last 3 days (it wasn't though!) but I knew that to feel I'd really met the Coffeeneuring challenge there was only one place to cycle for #7, and that was White Horse Hill, near Uffington. The weather forecast was rather grim and there was a conversation in my head between me and my weaker side which basically went

"Do I really need to cycle all the way up there?"


"But surely there's somewhere else I could cycle which would be equally valid but which wouldn't involve all that climbing?"

"Don't be such a woos - on yer bike to White Horse Hill!"

So I did. I've never actually cycled up there before. I took a route which meant less of the very windy and narrow B road that passes by the hill, but which meant more elevation.

Once up there (and I confess to having had to push up the final steep road to the Hill) I sat in the car park and ate my provisions and drank tea from a flask.

More of the soda bread muffins, peanut butter on the left and apple jam on the right

Not much demand for the one picnic bench today
 When I make tea at home, though I say it myself, it is excellent (Yorkshire Hard Water loose leaf) but poured into a flask and drunk an hour or so later it is yuck! However it was hot and vaguely tea-like so I drank most of it.

The weather was indeed grim but at least the rain had cleared off to the east by then. It was grey, cold and quite windy.  

You can just make out the Horse in the distance if you squint....

This pic is looking north to Faringdon Folly. 

I got somebody to take this pic later when I cycled from the car park up onto the actual hill.

After cycling back down I was going to just pootle off home but by then I felt up for a bit more of a ride, so I headed off towards Shrivenham, and ended up doing about 21 miles. It was very tough going and I was very glad to get home, but these last three rides have made me realize that cycling can be very enjoyable even in this sort of weather! Better than being in a tin box on wheels!

And now, I shall submit my 7 rides to the appropriate person and get my badge, shown here, which I shall proudly stitch to my jacket!



  1. loved reading these posts Lizzie. A suggestion for when its winter time and you want to make tea. take your water in the flask and then use your little stove to reheat it to boiling point. Then you will get the drink you want. well done in getting out, you will be winter camping next heehee

    1. Thanks for the tip Brenda - I did actually buy myself a tiny Lixada stove last month but need to practise using it in the garden before using it away from home - it can burn alcohol but I got it so I could use wood in it.

  2. Hi Lizzie, I'm well impressed, I hate cycling or even walking up hills. You put me to shame. Well done. Sharon x

    1. I used to hate hills too, but the more you climb them, either on foot or on the bike, the easier it gets. And I'm not ashamed to get off and push if I have to!

  3. I love your zest for riding. Love your bike also - it has style!

    1. Thank you! It's only recently that I've really begun to appreciate what style my bike has got! Trek should make this model again. I've had it about 20 years. I changed (or rather husband did) the handlebars a couple of years ago, to Thorn Comfort bars, and also the wheels this year.

  4. Love your swoop-framed mixte. I have a red 7-speed Giant Via 2W with the same type frame and geometry. I put lower handlebars on it and get up many hills fine. It's mostly hot where I live so I love iced tea. Filtered water makes my iced tea last longer. Thanks for sharing your photos and rides.

    1. Thanks for commenting! That Giant of yours is a nice bike too.


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