Friday, May 5

Mini baby quilt and Mitred corners

I don't claim to be a quilter, and I don't follow the rules, but I do like having a go, and the mini baby quilt further down is the latest attempt. My first attempt was this cot quilt, and also the single cot pocket below.

Bits of my wedding dress fabric and old cotton blouses are in here

The mini quilt - 

I made this out of pieces of men's shirts which I had bought in a charity shop ages ago for £1 each. I only used the smaller pieces, like the yoke, as I intend to use the larger pieces like the back and sleeves to make something else. I made the body of the quilt in the same way I made the cot quilt and cot pocket, which is to sew pieces together into one longish strip, then cut this strip up and rejoin it in a different way, do the same again, and again until I had a squarish piece. I used "proper" wadding this time, having bought some samples from Cotton Patch - one sample was big enough for this.

For the back I used some nice soft brushed cotton as the intention is that either the quilt can be hung on the wall, or, as it's small - about 10" square - it might become a comforter for baby Reuben. And now, time to get excited - the mitred corners!

Some time ago I bought a tea towel from the Organic Textile Company in Wales. I have to admit to having a bit of a thing about good tea towels, and while I normally (about once every twenty years!) would buy linen ones, I added this lovely cotton one to an order I made for their Scanfil thread. When it came I couldn't help but notice the beautiful mitred corners - I'd never seen ones this neat - and did some googling to find out how they were done.

I found this tutorial for mitring napkin corners, and adapted it for using when turning the quilt backing to the front. The brushed cotton is a little tricky to get really neat corners with, but....... I always aim for 100% neatness but if I've done my best then I'm happy with imperfection!

Mitred corner

Must mend the husband's jeans now - his first questions when he comes in are always "What's for tea and when's tea?" and tonight his next will be "Have you done my jeans?".



  1. Love your mini quilt, be careful, they can be addictive! Well done on the corners. I think that binding quilts is my favourite bit of making quilts, they finish the quilt off perfectly. X

  2. I think I've got too many other sewing projects in mind to get addicted to one!

  3. very pretty lizzie. I love quilting


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