Saturday, October 9

For sale - Bernina 801 Matic

 I have recently become the owner of this lovely Bernina Record 930, in a Horn cabinet -

The drawers on the right pull out further to give more working space, but it suits me to leave them half in. 

I had been slightly hankering after a 930 for a while, knowing that they were considered extremely good machines. It was a question of - well, if one ever comes up.... A Horn cabinet had also featured in my dreams.... so when the two together came up for sale on Gumtree I made some enquiries. It was a couple of counties away, so in my first couple of emails I sounded out the seller to see if she might offer to send it - which she did! She was in fact extremely helpful all the way through, and the transaction couldn't have gone better. I used Shipley Couriers as she herself had used them before. All went well and everything arrived in good condition.

This Sewfit cardboard folding sewing table was also part of the deal -

It packs down flat, is surprisingly sturdy, and doesn't take up much space on our landing when in its box. I also received a pile of really lovely fabrics as a free extra - the sort I would have chosen myself! 

The machine was owned from new by the seller's mother, and the cabinet too I believe.

I had to completely reorganise my sewing room but am very pleased with how it is now. I just need somewhere better to store fabric, as at the moment it is in a cupboard in boxes and  I can't easily just pull a piece out.

So - my Bernina 801 Matic has served me very well for nearly 9 years, and I shall be quite sad to see it go, but go it must, to help pay for the 930! Here are some photos -

I have kept it clean and oiled and it works as perfectly as the day I bought it. If you are interested, or know anyone who is, the price is £300. It's also on Gumtree. I am not intending to put it on Ebay, as you can no longer sell on there without registering your bank details with them. I can't see why they needed to change their payment policy so will not be selling on there again.


  1. Wow Lizzie that cabinet looks fab. Talk about organised. I use vintage suitcases to store the some of my fabric folded around bits of card. I have a "solids" "Christmas" and "pretty prints" cases. Have another one with fabric for my Dear Jane quilt fabric and finished blocks.

    1. It is indeed fab (I probably haven't used that word since the 60s, but since you have, so will I!). Remember Fab lollies? I am still frustrated about the best way to store my fabrics, but I'm sure an answer will reveal itself! Yesterday I changed the room around yet again, as it just didn't feel right, and now the Bernina is under the window - much better. I feel more inspired now.

    2. I do remember Fab lollies, they lived up to their name! Have a look on Pinterest for fabric storage, there will be loads of good ideas on there.

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